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Spaghetti Song


I thought I would have some fun with today’s prompt to write about “things”.   I wasn’t quite sure what was being asked, so I started making a list of ingredients to make pasta marinara.  (Why my mind went there is a mystery).   Out popped this little ditty.

The Spaghetti Song

Salt the water,
Bring to a boil.
Heat a pan.
Pour in some oil.

When the water is ready
It’s time to ease
A pound of spaghetti—
Thin, if you please.

Garlic and onion
In a fine chop
Into the oil
They’re ready to drop.

Sweet tomatoes
Straight from the tin
Oregano, basil
Stir them all in.

The pasta is done.
It’s time to strain
Starchy water
Down the drain.

Twirl on a plate,
Ladle on sauce,
Sprinkle the Parm,
Give all a toss.

Come to the table.
We’re ready to eat.
Lift your wine glass!
Bon Appetit!

Ljg 2019

5 thoughts on “Spaghetti Song

  1. Well now I want spaghetti! Mmm!

  2. Delicious, useful and lovely!

  3. Very good!.

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