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Moving Forward with Djembe Drumming


I wanted to take my drumming practice to another level so I found a teacher.  I wanted a woman teacher so as to feel a little less intimidated, but it has taken a while to find one since drumming seems to be a male-dominated music medium.  Ironically, the djembe is a drum form from West Africa that historically been played only by men.  Not so anymore.

Djembe are heavy drums, often weighing up to 30 pounds.  The drums are carved from tree trunks, covered in goat hide and tuned by intricate rope bindings.  When in use. the drum is held in place by the drummer’s legs.  My legs are so sore right now.  Who needs a Thigh-Master when you can get a better work out with a djembe?  My arms got an equally vigorous workout after playing for an hour and a half.

I am struggling with learning the Afro-Latin rhythms typically played with this drum.  The teacher allowed me to video a snippet of one such rhythm so I can practice.

I will practice on my darbuka for now.  I do not think I am quite ready to invest in a djembe yet.

Here is one of the patterns I am trying to learn:

2 thoughts on “Moving Forward with Djembe Drumming

  1. Fun! I have a small djembe that’s a bit more portable. We have a fabulous female instructor here in Durango. She’s on FB at Durango Drums.

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