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Maybe This Time I Won’t Break Out in Hives

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Today is not a typical day. It was: I got up, did yoga, ate breakfast, watched the news, drove to work– the usual.

Then I got to my office. I went to switch on my computer: Zip. Nada. The Black Screen of Death. My computer would not come on.  I checked all the cables and the power source.  Everything was working except my wretched computer.

I actually had to fight back a panic attack. I cannot work without my computer. But worse: I would not have internet access.

As I waited until our tech support office opened, I passed the time trawling my memory to count how many files I had not backed up in case of the worse case scenario. That’s going to suck big time if I lost some of the current files I am using and had not backed up.

Finally got through to tech support and opened a work order. No, they don’t know when anyone was going to be there.

I am using my personal devices to conduct minimal business until I am up and running. I remember a time a few years ago when I had a work-related crash and lost some files that I had not backed up. At the time, I actually broke out in hives because of the stress. I hope I don’t do that again. But I am irritable and snappy. Just like someone going through withdrawal pains.

You think I might be addicted to my technology?

Yeah. Me too.

One thought on “Maybe This Time I Won’t Break Out in Hives

  1. BUMMER!

    *\|/**\|/* Mary Beth *\|/**\|/*

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