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“Silhouette”: Somewhere in the San Bernardino Mountains sometime in the 1980’s or so. Shot by a 35 mm SLR. Darn, those were good cameras back then.


ljgloyd (c) taken sometime in the 1980’s or so, and edited 2018


6 thoughts on “Silhouette

  1. Those were great cameras, weren’t they. I still have my Olympus OM2 from back then, and I’m not sure my Nikon DSLR is all that much better (although it’s certainly easier, and I don’t have to buy film!)

    Do you remember what length lens you used to take that fabulous shot?

    • Thank you! Actually, I don’t remember. I was using my dad’s camera and I think it was a Canon. He did have a zoom lens, but I don’t recall if I had it on. In this century 🙂 I have been using first an Olympus and then a Canon Digital point-and-shoot, both of which bit the dust. Lately I’ve just been using my iPad and iPhone cameras (embarrassed grin). Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

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