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In looking back at my more recent blog posts, I find that the dominant topics lately have been about writing, drumming, and cooking. Once in a while, I’ll post some airy-fairy philosophical spew or a general rant about something that has irked me. I’ve gotten a little creatively narrow.

The other day I saw a video on one of my social media feeds of the aurora borealis. That simple video reminded me that my interests used to span all sorts of disciplines. There was a time when I used to gaze at the night sky and marvel, and a time I used to read Greek mythology for fun. And I loved it when these two converged.

When I was in college, I took an astronomy course to fulfill a science requirement. It was then that the heavens opened up for me (pun intended). For example, I learned that the color of stars indicate their temperature and thus their age. I also learned that no one really knows if light is a wave or a particle or both. This is not particularly useful information for navigating my day-to-day routine, but it is cool information nonetheless.

My point is that I should be ever mindful not to become so embroiled in the mundane that I forget how to be awestruck.

5 thoughts on “Awestruck

  1. One thing on my bucket list is watching northern lights dance…one day.

  2. We do tend to get bogged down in our daily life. Where I live now I could get up at 3am on those mornings when the Southern Aurora is active due to CMEs etc. All I would have to do is drive down to the beach to get some kind of view – not as spectacular as those obtained in the far north and south but a view of the lights nonetheless. I’ve known this for the past five years since I’ve lived in this area but I haven’t managed to do it yet – talk about slack!

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