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Appeasing the Muse


I have said it before: this is not a food blog. I’m write mostly about the creative process. But since my writing has been a little static for a few days, I thought I would take a little break from that and be creative in the kitchen.

What do you do with a couple of ancient squash?  OK, they’re only two months old, but for produce that’s a long time.   I roasted them, gutted them, paired them with an equally ancient pair of apples, an onion, and various spices and other seasonings. After pouring it all into a casserole, I glued it all together with big fistfuls of fontina and mozzarella.

Many times when I get loose in the kitchen, the end result is a disaster. Not so this time. It turned out quite tasty.

Who knew that one could overcome writer’s block by appeasing the Muse with mounds of hot, gooey cheese?  She’s easy that way.

Ljgloyd 2018

4 thoughts on “Appeasing the Muse

  1. Even musae love comfort foods

  2. Cheese IS the ‘food of the muse’ (IMHO) along with good chocolate, wine (if you drink that) or non-alcoholic sangria, and pasta. There are variations to this menu, given the area and culture of the artist of course. I’m not a fan of vegetables, but your mix sounded pretty good, especially the cheese part! 😉

    • Thanks. I almost made this with a bag of mixed greens that are starting to wilt, but I’m glad I went with the apples. Apples shout “comfort”. Greens, not so much.

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