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A Stroll Down Memory Lane


If you have ever wondered when and how I got started blogging, it happened one April morning in 2006 when I was careening through the blogosphere looking for…. something…. I don’t remember what anymore.  In doing so, I stumbled across this amazing labyrinth of creative inspiration:   The Soul Food Cafe.

SFC has nothing to do with food for the body.   Rather, like the name states, it is about food for the creative spirit.  Created by Australian educator, Heather Blakey, this massive site is overflowing with prompts and articles for writers, artists, and other creatives designed to jump-start them to their own works.    Through this material, Heather led bands of creatives from all over the world through interactive projects.  Most often we would post our works on separate blogs.

There is no search engine on the SFC site which is a good thing as it compels the creative to start exploring the voluminous pages of the site.  Inspiration would always come most unexpectedly at the sudden turn to a new page.

I can’t adequately describe it to you.  All I can do is invite you to start exploring.   I suggest you start with the Box of Wonderment.

One other place you can check is The Rookery.   There you can meet the writers and artists that were working at SFC in the late 2000’s, me included.   My “raven” is the second one from the left on the ground under the tree.  If you click that bird, you will go to my page where I outline my entire history of writing at SFC.

So my contributions to the internet truly can be credited –or blamed 🙂 — on this magical site and its author.

ljg (c) 2017

3 thoughts on “A Stroll Down Memory Lane

  1. I do have much to answer for :-)! Thank you, Lori! Your warm memory of just what we collectively achieved at Soul Food means a lot to me.

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