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No Panacea


In trying to write this post I have started and stopped and started over again several times.   This is because I am at a loss for words.

Yesterday’s mass shooting at the church in Texas is no worse than any of the others we have had in the last few years (or weeks), yet it hits too close to home.

I belong to a small faith community too. Since yesterday when I first heard the news of the congregants being mowed down by automatic weapon fire in the pews of their tiny country church, I have envisioned myself and the people of my congregation. What would we have done? Where would I have run? I even mentally worked out an escape plan should something like that happen to me in my church.

How sick is that?

Once again we hear the arguments:  It’s the guns, it’s mental health, the left is at fault, the right is at fault. Yaddy, yaddy, yaddy.

What is the solution? There is no solution. There is no panacea.  The cures we advocate are complicated which means, sorrowfully, that nothing is ever going to change.

And why is that?  Because this is not about guns or mental health or social and political agendas. It is not an earthly situation with an earthly answer. It is a moral and spiritual condition.

In other words, evil is real.

And acknowledging that is the only direction we can go.


ljg (c) 2017

3 thoughts on “No Panacea

  1. Yep. That’s horrible. And I hadn’t heard about it until I logged into WordPress this morning. I mentally rolled my eyes and prepared myself to hear about it, because the group of old(ish, er) ladies I meet with each week will discuss it no doubt. I hope your community stays safe and that faith is enough to protect some of us who put value in such things.

  2. Yeah I was thinking of the same thing. May be it is good we are changing our name?!

    *\|/**\|/**\|/* Mary Beth *\|/**\|/**\|/*

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