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So Who Am I Anyway?


Today’s Daily Post prompt is Identity. My first thought was that I would write a little biographical sketch. How easy is that? Not so much, it would seem.

At first I thought I would list where I come from, where I live, who my ancestors were, what culture embraces me, et cetera; that I am a daughter, sister, cousin, friend, child of the Most High, et cetera; what I do for a living; that I am a writer, drummer, home cook, artist, photographer, et cetera; that I like natural history, astronomy, literature, psychology, et cetera.

Then it occurred to me that my identity seems to be wrapped up in demographics, relationships, vocational pursuits, and all the et ceteras. These external realities don’t really convey who I am.   Who am I internally?  How would I describe my spirit, my soul, my psyche?  Does she have name?

I realize that I need to give this some thought.


ljg (c) 2017


5 thoughts on “So Who Am I Anyway?

  1. Identity is tough because it doesn’t really have a definite answer or ending point. We are our experiences, our likes, our dislikes, our emotions… and all of those are pretty much limitless.

  2. Great Post. It’s interesting how a simple word can invoke so much in-depth meaning with the innate ability to present superficial yet profound qualities. Agreeable the word of ‘identity’ definitely can inspire one to look within for the answer. Thanks for sharing.

  3. However….at the end…you could share the identification traits….that separate us from the rest….and finally it comes to the unique one….may not be the popular one….

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