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Flying Free

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On the surface, I appear to be fairly tame. I have lived in the same place and worked at the same company for many years. I don’t like change. I don’t like to venture far from what I perceive as “safe” and “secure”– both relative and subjective notions to be sure, but notions to which I cling. I have mastered the art of “contentment.”

I think, though, that there is a wild creature within me that soars just beyond my range of vision. I know she is there. I feel the breeze of her wings as she passes through my spirit. This free-flying creature will sometimes swoop in on me and make me start questioning the status quo that I have placed upon myself. She keeps circling around me until I acknowledge her and my need to take wing and fly with her.

The danger is that she might accidentally get caught in the slough of my self-imposed life of tame mediocrity–  and get stuck there.

I can’t let that happen.


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