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Why I have not been writing….


I have not blogged for a very long time.

Mainly this is due to some major life issues getting in the way. I’ve just been too busy.

It is also partly due to laziness. When I do have a few minutes of down time, the last thing I want to do is expend energy in writing. It is mentally less taxing to park my butt on the sofa and watch old sitcoms and Trek episodes.

Finally, my reluctance in writing has been the struggle I’m having with my “voice.”   If you have not already noticed, I tend to write with a somewhat flip and hopefully witty voice.  (At least I think I amuse my readers from time-to-time.) However, when I look around me and see the natural disasters laid upon the world, the corrupt, inept,  and mentally unstable leaders who are running the world, and the social evils permeating our society, I wonder how can I write about superficial issues like cooking, drumming, cute animals, and any other of my popular culture interests. And if I do write about the state of the world, how can I inject any sort of levity and wit?

But then I look at the pundits of the late night talk shows and I realize that humor still might have a place in the craziness of the world. Humor might be the best and purist delivery of commentary. Humor brings the issues home to us. It makes the issues more understandable and “user-friendly”.   If we can laugh at something, we make it a little less scary — something akin to whistling in a graveyard.  When fear is banished, then there is room for hope and possibly the ability to change things.

Let’s keep laughing.


Here’s an example of humor in the face of the fearsome:


6 thoughts on “Why I have not been writing….

  1. Well said, Lori.

  2. I can completely relate to not blogging as I have taken some time off as well, however, I personally think that if there is any time to write about ‘superficial’ issues it is now, as I think we have all had enough drama/trama in the world around us and could use a little levity.

    Glad to hear from you again –


  3. Thank you, Lisa. Not to worry: I’ll probably put up something soon about kittens who drum or puppies who cook. 🙂

  4. laugh at everything i reckon! Far too much misery in the world already

  5. Drumming, cooking, and puppies are among the many things that keep us sane in a depressing world. I enjoy your take on whatever you write about and totally get the need for breaks, too.

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