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The Dreaded Leggings


I swore a long time ago to never, ever wear leggings. Ever. Anybody who knows me already has a mental image of this. I am so sorry for that.

So a few weeks ago, I accidentally bought a pair. My only defense is that they looked just like regular athletic pants. Being too busy to drive back to Target to return them, I told myself that they are “just for inside– lounging around and sleeping.” Well, except I overslept this morning and in that gray period between good intentions and taking action, I knew if I took the time to change out of the leggings into my regular active wear, I would talk myself out of doing my morning power walk. So I didn’t change out of them.   “After all,” I told myself, “it is 4:45 am. No one is going to see me in my leggings.” (You know where this is going….)   I ventured out — not only in the dreaded leggings but in a SHORT tee-shirt that covered NOTHING in the caboose area.

USUALLY, there is no traffic at this time of the night/morning.   But NO, not THIS morning.  I came to a four-way intersection and–you guessed it– cars from multiple directions with high-beam headlights converged right as I was crossing.   They could see EVERYTHING.

And, yes, they saw things they could not un-see.

So, I just sighed, waggled my behind at them, and kept on walking.





4 thoughts on “The Dreaded Leggings

  1. I wear leggings all the time except going to church. One day my daughter Katina looked at me and said: Mom, are you going to wear THAT outside?” I still do at different occasions!! Well we only live once on this earth, why not make an impression? Something strange coming out of a 77 year old woman!?

    *\|/**\|/**\|/* Mary Beth *\|/**\|/**\|/*

  2. I’m not sure who invented those things (and perhaps they’ve always been around, just not widely advertised or something) – but they should put a warning label on them. I am a generously sized woman and personally I wouldn’t go near leggings, not because I think anyone should judge anyone else on what they wear NOR their size; but because the damn things are so freakin’ uncomfortable (to me). I’ve been advised to wear compression stockings (because I get fluid buildup in my feet and lower legs) and the sensation is roughly the same to me – it feels like I’m being squished. I don’t know what the view is (and yes I’ve donned leggings before), but if somebody were to have mentioned that they really accentuated a portion of my anatomy that I’m not that proud of, I’d have probably told the nay sayer to go to hell and mind their own damned business. IF you’re comfortable wearing the things, I say wear ’em. And keep on power walking! I’m doubly impressed that you choose to do that! Remember too that Murphy is in charge. That’s why all the traffic to view your passing. 😉

    • Thanks, I intend to. Most of the traffic at that time of the morning are refinery workers changing shift. I dare any of those guys to comment on butt cracks. I actually find leggings comfortable in that they prevent chafing. That’s number one for me. 😀

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