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What’s That Green Sludge in the Mason Jar?

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I am interested in all sorts of alternative health and wellness practices.

For example, I have an extensive collection of essential oils that I use for home remedies and body care. I use fresh and dried herbs to make immunity-boosting extracts, tonics, and tinctures. I have practiced tai chi chuan and some yoga (both of which I don’t do anymore because I am just too impatient to do the routines). I practice meditation (which is ironic considering what I just said about tai chi and yoga).  Currently, I engage the services of a licensed acupuncturist, nutritionist and herbalist to get certain issues under control.

That being said, I still have a healthy respect for western allopathic medicine. I check things out before I try them on myself. I thoroughly researched the health benefits of the macerating lemon balm-vodka sludge in the back of my refrigerator. (It is supposed to have a calming, stress-reducing effect when consumed).

Here are some resources I use to check out the usefulness, side effects and contraindications of these substances and practices.

The University of Maryland Medical Center
The Mayo Clinic

BUT, let me add that even these resources are not perfect.  No one should ever self-diagnose by relying only on internet sources.  My “the-buck-stops-here-final-word” consultant is always my regular medical doctor. If you engage in any alternative practices, be sure to check them out first with your physician.

Now, I am off to engage in the stress-reduction properties of vigorous hand drumming.

One thought on “What’s That Green Sludge in the Mason Jar?

  1. Alternatives work for some people. You’re doing it right!

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