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Master Renoir


Many years ago when I was studying art in school, a teacher at the time walked by my easel as I was working and said something to the effect, “You have such a painterly style.”   I thought she just meant that I was applying paint like I was slopping it on a bedroom wall..

Renoir’s “Dance at Bougival”

Yes, that’s pretty much my style.

Not surprisingly I have spent quite a bit of time studying the paintings of the Impressionists who were masters at the “painterly” style.   The classical way of learning the fine arts was by copying the work of the old masters.   When it comes to landscapes, I imitate Claude Monet; but when it comes to figures, Pierre-Auguste Renoir is my man.

Renoir was a master at using light, color, form, and just a touch of line to capture figures in a moment of time doing ordinary activities.

I just love his work.  I hope my work does him justice.

ljgloyd 2017












6 thoughts on “Master Renoir

  1. Your work is quite beautiful. The sketches are quite artistic since it really is hard to do faces and feelings behind the faces. Your use of colour shows how the impressionists influences you

  2. It’s fun to hear about art from an art-lovers perspective.
    The last piece of art in the post is my favorite. Good job with it!

    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge. You can see my “R” post here: https://lydiahowe.com/2017/04/21/r-is-for-raquel-atozchallenge/

  3. I am learning more from the masters as I continue my journey into art. I like your images. To show how we each have our own perspective, I would have to say my favorite is the cat.

  4. Lovely works! The cat looks like it’s about to step off of the page.

  5. Isn’t it interesting when people provide comments that are ambiguous? It helps us reach for interpretation, take it as we see it at that moment, and perhaps there is no need to clarify. Lovely!

    Affirmations for a Good Life

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