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Accepting My Writer’s Identity


I have always been involved in creative endeavors.  I write, make art, and do photography.  Lately, I have been exploring sound through drumming and strumming.  And cooking– now THAT’s creative if you consider some of the dishes I make.

It is in writing that I find the most enjoyment and satisfaction– mainly because I can be the most precise in my expression.   Like a lot of writers, I have had fantastic notions of being another Barbara Kingsolver or Geraldine Brooks, and every now-and-then I dust off “The Novel” and try working on it.   Sometimes I go smaller and work on short fiction stories.  These are few and far between.   What I mostly write are blog posts.  Non-fiction.  Essays.  Sometimes just a few paragraphs of life observations, sometimes with a moral application.  Much of it is just musing.  Sometimes I whine, moan, and complain; mostly, I’m having fun with words.

And that’s the ticket:  I enjoy myself when I blog.   I am satisfied with my writing when I do.  And from what I can tell, some folks actually read my blogs and enjoy them too.   I love it.  This is the writing expression to which I resonate the most.  I accept the fact that I will probably never make a living writing.  I am a blogger.  I accept that with joy.

There is a certain amount of disdain of bloggers by other kinds of writers.   Bloggers are the blue-collars among the starched writing elites.  To some, we’re not really writers at all     I guess this notion comes from the fact that it is so easy for anyone to set up a blog and publish.  The hoi polloi have dared to express themselves.  The democratization of writing.  “Oh dear!” the elites cry as they clutch their pearls.

I look at this way:  high-brow literary fiction is to blogging what Olympic swimming is to splashing around in a Doughboy pool at a backyard barbecue.

Which would I’d rather be doing, do you think?   Yeah, you got it.




32 thoughts on “Accepting My Writer’s Identity

  1. All writing is good writing in my honest opinion, and to be critical of someone who tries because they’re “amateurs” — well, that’s just narrow-minded. We all have our place in the world and we all have our time — and with determination, we will find our moment. Great first post in this A-to-Z Challenge — All the best, Paul … http://www.theironpact.com

  2. Blogging is a pathway and a purpose in itself. I’ve gotten a lot out of blogging and it has made me a better writer. Reading other blogs, just a glimpse into how someone else thinks is the bigger gift.

    Hey, It’s Ann visiting from A to Z So Much to Choose From and
    Science Ladybug

  3. Personally, classifying writing, for me — it’s like apples and oranges. And making comparisons only causes me no end of grief; whether it’s my body shape, my intellect, or my ability to put together a sentence.

    By the way, I like how you put together a sentence. 😊

  4. To me- writing is writing- whether it’s a blog or a story or a poem or all of the above! 🙂

  5. I love Barbara Kingsolver’s work. Why not have both? Okay, the first just isn’t realistic.

    A is for Apollo 11 moon landing: Was it real?

  6. Blogging is a great way to hone your skills as a writer. You get quick feedback too by way of comments. Personally my journey of wanting to writem and become an author start with blogging.

    Great insightful post!


  7. Blogging is one of the greatest things to have happened to those who aspire to write. It’s really the only way to get writing out into the public eye without having to go through all the submission and rejection hoops. I’ve written more since I started blogging than in the rest of the years of my life–and the writing actually gets read by somebody which is a great payoff.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  8. Visiting from Jacqueline’s party – love, love the art and your post. Debra

  9. I’ve always been of the school that says if you truly care about what you are putting on the page, strumming on an instrument, etc., you should be commended for putting a piece of you out there. It’s far too easy to strip someone down; especially when we do put ourselves out there. And I’d opt for the backyard splish splash party any day of the week.

  10. I write because I love to write. Period, the end. With blogging (I have another blog that includes some of my photography) I’ve been able to combine two of my great loves. And with this particular blog, I rant occasionally. I’ll join you in the backyard splash party any time.

  11. I feel the same way. I want to be a real writer one day, but I love blogging too, and I am beginning to see that they aren’t so separate after all. Blogging isn’t easy. Cultivating and connecting with an audience and coming back time after time with new ideas take a lot of work and dedication. We are writers!

    Lisa // Zen and Pi
    Visiting from the A to Z Challenge 🙂

  12. Blogging is one of my favorite parts of being a writer! Blogging is a way to express yourself in writing in a way that doesn’t take YEARS before anyone else sees it. Blogging rocks.

    Visiting for the A to Z challenge. Find my “A” post here: https://lydiahowe.com/2017/04/01/a-is-for-acting-atozchallenge-2017/

  13. I think blogging provides opportunity to so many, opportunity that may not have existed through what is the traditional publishing route. I’m just experimenting with my creative side.,.and just a little surprised that I have one. Connecting with my authentic self! Thanks for your post!

  14. I enjoyed your post. Not sure I agree with you that all writers look down on bloggers. Some do, obviously. But as a journalist, I can tell you bloggers are highly valued so-called content creators for online and traditional print publications – because people read them, as you note. Most newspapers (and many online media) search hungrily for good writing, and good topics, across the blogosphere and use posts to increase their own lagging circulation (hopefully by paying fairly – but that’s another topic) In any event, I’m glad you write with joy as a blogger. That’s exactly the way it should be!

    • Thanks Jay. I was probably painting with too broad a brush. I got a little passionate. (A trait of bloggers?). My experience is with writers in academia, wherein SOME in my immediate realm have made less than complimentary remarks in my presence about blogging. Your comments have given me hope that blogging is it’s own special genre, which like any genre, has a standard of excellence to which to aspire. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comments.

  15. What you have described is the age old conflict of all creatives who do not conform to what has been the accepted way. Think of the Impressionists as they defied the tradition of the Salon, Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement or the entrance of women in the arts. Consider yourself part of the Avant-garde.

    I am looking forward to participating in the AtoZ Challenge. You can find me here:

  16. That is an apt comparison. Thanks. And I did stop by your blog. Can’t wait to read the next installment.

  17. Lovely! Well I think a writer can blog and write books. They’re two completely different art forms.

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