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Living in earthquake country, I have become accustomed to “earthquake swarms“.  These are typically small shakers, between 1 and 3 in magnitude.  They happen in a relatively short window of time, maybe three or four days, within a small geographic area.   They don’t do any damage, but if I feel them, one after another, I get a little tense.  When will these stop?  Do they forebode a bigger, more destructive quake.   There seems to be no rhyme or reason to them and that unpredictability leaves me unsettled.

Daily problems are much like earthquake swarms:  they are unexpected, frequent, do relatively little damage, eventually stop, and leave one nervous and tense and constantly on edge waiting for something worse to happen:  the car won’t start, the bank messed up a deposit, the toilet backs up, you are late to work, and your significant other is in a bad mood. And these little things pile up, making you wonder if something really big is going to happen. “What next?” is a frequent expression of mine.

Living in earthquake country, you must be prepared for the “Big One”.  You keep several liters of water in your closet, food for a few days in the pantry, batteries, radios, and a little cash on hand, and have a plan to connect with your loved ones ready to deploy.

You cannot really do that with life problems except learn to have a reserve of resiliency within you.  You will need it when the shaking stops.

Or when the big one comes.


ljg (c) 2017


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