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The Cosmic Santa Claus: AW Check-In, Week 6


For me, to live abundantly has more to do with enjoying the non-tangibles that provide a quality of life than it does money or things. Not so for the author. In chapter 6 she devotes several pages on how to enjoy luxurious living and acquiring money. She even draws God into the equation. Just ask the universe for whatever you want and you will get it. Want that all-expense paid trip to Europe? Done. Want to blow off the day job so you can go and pursue your art form? God’s got you covered.

Here is what I believe about abundant living: yes, God cares. He provides all my needs. He even delights in giving me my desires. But he will not give me anything that is not ultimately for my good, or conflict with what I truly need. God is not some sort of cosmic Santa Claus. He is more interested in providing me with peace, love, and wisdom than things. The day job IS his means of providing for my needs. Abundant living is being content in whatever state I find myself and being thankful for it — not whether I should buy myself fresh raspberries in the winter just because I deserve the self-pampering.

For me this chapter was a waste of time. I don’t know how I’m going to get through the next six if they all are like this one.

5 thoughts on “The Cosmic Santa Claus: AW Check-In, Week 6

  1. I have problems with spiritual materialism too. I like the refreshing honesty of this post. 🙂

    • I guess I was really grumpy when I wrote this. LOL!

      • Hi, I was thinking about you and that book when I did my morning pages. That book is just so 80s! More than anything re-reading it now shows how far our understanding has grown. It was a breakthrough at the time but now it seems heavy handed and simplistic. Today I’m going to do some research about blocked creativity to help release a personal blockage I have unearthed. I’ll let you know if I come across anything.

      • There’s a load of stuff on the internet about creative blocks and healing – I will probably be blogging about it as it’s coming up for me right now. One blog I’ve found that you might like is this one – http://intuitivecreativity.typepad.com/expressiveartinspirations/
        It’s a bit hard to follow but her current creative prompts are about making collages. It’s a bit like taking the images we were making digitally for SFC and doing it by hand with magazine pictures. There aren’t any prompts as to content but I’m finding myself intrigued by the idea. I might give it go.

  2. Sometimes, if the book is not doing it for you, just put it down and don’t beat yourself up about it.
    Life is truly to short to do something you do not enjoy!

    Thanks for reminding me of this little ‘truth’.

    – Lisa

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