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Photo Challenge: Shadow


This week’s Daily Post photo challenge theme is “Shadow”.     Since my Canon died and I have not gotten a new camera yet, I have been taking pictures with my iPad.   This image is of my hand through the skin of one of my frame drums.  This is far more eerie than I expected.  One can see the fibers in the skin and the blood in my hand.

Shadow Hand through Drum

ljgloyd (c) 2017


6 thoughts on “Photo Challenge: Shadow

  1. That’s a terrific photo. I am in the same boat re cameras. My camera died late last year and I haven ‘t got a new one yet. I can take photos with my phone or tablet but I can’t figure out how to upload them to WordPress so that post in the size you have used. Whenever I try they come out completely enormous. It’s frustrating as it spoils the look of the post.

    • Hmmm…..It should work. I don’t k now if it would make a difference but I don’t upload to WordPress using the device; rather, I go into WordPress and pull it off the camera that way. When it is uploaded to WordPress then I go to the edit box on the right and change around the size before I place it in the post. If you still don’t like the size after you have put it in the post, then click the image and you’ll get an edit box when you can fool around in the size.

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