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A Tour of my Creative Corner


Chapter 2 of The Artist Way deals with recovering a sense of identity and the drawing and reinforcing of boundaries around that identity. I think this was put into action in my second artist date.

My date last night consisted of spending a few hours tidying up and re-organizing the corner of my bedroom that serves as my office/studio.   Recently, I have been writing and blogging in my living room or spreading out a canvas in front of the television and making art there. In this second week of the program, I already sense that I was not giving my writer/artist identity enough respect, and by re-organizing my “creative corner “I am re-dedicating and sanctifying it as place to my writing and art.   I will return to creating in this space with as little distraction as possible.   Below, through the images, I’d like to take you on a little tour of that space.

Before I do that, I would like to note one curious thing.  I noticed that the books on the shelves are a weird, eclectic mix of topics:  Poetry, art techniques, writing, feminine spirituality, energy medicine, holistic health and Chinese medicine, and on the very bottom shelf behind my journaling supplies are books from my childhood and youth.  And to confuse things even more, there are some odd books on household management, belly dance, drumming, and geography thrown into the mix.  The books and their ordering reflect those areas that inform my identity as a creative person, with the bottom shelf the foundation in my childhood of many influential interests.  If this bookcase was an art installation piece I would entitle it “Self Portrait in a Three-D Literary Experience.”

Without further delay, here is my creative corner:

The Writing Chair

The Writing Chair

Japanese print split curtain to hide plastic bins

Japanese print split curtain to hide plastic bins in the corner



Mixed media supplies within easy reach

Journals and journaling supplies

Journals and journaling supplies

ljg (c) 2017

7 thoughts on “A Tour of my Creative Corner

  1. I like your bookcase – what a great range of inspirational materials. Like you I am going through a creative re-think. I pulled out The Artist’s Way but couldn’t bring myself to tackle it again and not get all the way through again. 🙂 Instead I’m working in my visual journals and have taken myself back to the things I learnt in first year at art school. In my journals I am asking myself ‘What am I trying to say with my art?’ and “How am I going to say it.” I’m finding it a very helpful process. Good luck with your process. The idea of cleaning up your art materials as an artist’s date is a great idea. I think I ‘ll take a similar date this week.

  2. I recently came into some cool office furniture- I think I might give this a try!

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