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This is Not a Food Blog

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pieIf you know me or have followed me around long enough on social media, you know that I like to cook.  Let me state outright that I am NOT saying that I am a GOOD cook.  I write about what I cook, but I am NOT a FOOD writer.

So if I’m not a good cook or a food writer, then what’s the deal with all the cooking?   In reflecting on this I have determined that there are several reasons why I cook.

First, it is therapeutic.  After a long stint at the day job, I often unwind by chopping, pounding, searing, sometimes burning food, and — I’ll admit it — eating way too much of what I cook.

Second, cooking for me is a meditative practice.  For example, when I have a few hours to spend on the process, I like to bake bread.  I particularly like the slow, mindful action of kneading the dough.  That simple action helps me to focus and clear my mind.    My bread doesn’t always come out light and springy, but that’s not the point.  It is the process of making the bread that is beneficial.

Third, I like to cook certain foods that connect me to my family history.  It is a way to remember and honor the women (and some men) who came before me.  My mother used to make beautiful golden lemon meringue pies.   I made one just once, pictured above, and I believe  she would have been very proud of me.

Finally, I like to cook because it is a creative act that is really no different from writing, painting, or photography.  It makes no difference whether I am combining words into ideas or applying colors to a canvas.  In all these ways I am using intent, imagination, tools and specific skills to bring something in to existence.   That is the nature of creativity.

As I stated, this is not going to become a food blog.  Cooking is just one more genre for me to explore my creativity.   I have, though, enhanced some of the resource links on this blog with my favorite cooking websites and video sources.  Look on the right side bar and scroll down a bit.  (On a mobile device, the links will be way at the bottom instead).

As Julia would say, Bon Appetit!




One thought on “This is Not a Food Blog

  1. Perfect! You expressed this process beautifully.

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