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Magnum Opus

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conductorA magnum opus is that work which is considered the greatest achievement of a particular, artist, writer, or musical composer.

I have been plugging along for years writing, painting, photographing and, in general, making things.  (I am NOT a musician.)  I have not produced anything that I would call my magnum opus work.  And quite frankly I can’t envision myself ever creating such a work.

I have a couple of ideas for novels, but honestly speaking I can’t see myself ever having the time, drive, skill, and confidence to ever complete them.   And I hate to think that my greatest achievement is this body of work I post on this blog.

It makes me wonder, though, if we have too narrow a view of this term.  Maybe one’s magnum opus is not just comprised of one’s outward creative works.  Maybe we can broaden the definition to include that which one creates on the inside, an internal process to cultivate integrity, honesty, optimism, generosity, peace and tranquility.

Maybe I am too busy creating my inward work to ever have the time, energy, and focus to create an outward work.

Maybe for me, my magnum opus will be a life well-lived.

ljg (c) 2016


Inspired by the Letter O at the Soul Food Cafe and yesterday’s prompt at the Daily Post. 






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