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The Hand of the Potter, the Fire of the Kiln



I am sure many of us understand the metaphor of fire as a means by which the individual is refined and made stronger. We experience that sudden catastrophe of life that changes us for the better (though it may not seem so at the time).   That experience is like the fire of a kiln that hardens the clay and fixes the glazes of color.

Yet, for many of us, we find we are not changed so much by the quick fires of adversity, but shaped over time by a slower process.  We may experience a negative circumstance that cannot be fixed or removed but simply must be endured.  We feel like that piece of potter’s clay that has been thumped, folded, thrown and thumped again.  The thing to remember is that the aim of the potter is to shape a perfectly balanced vessel.

Whether we experience sudden and intense adversity or endure a seemingly endless situation, the end, we hope, is that we become objects of magnificent beauty.

blue vase

ljgloyd (c) 2016

Inspired by K is for Kiln at the Soul Food Cafe







2 thoughts on “The Hand of the Potter, the Fire of the Kiln

  1. Thank you. That was very fitting.

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