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illuminationI usually write my posts a couple of days in advance and then schedule them to automatically post.  Not this one.   I really struggled with this prompt.  I was going to write some fluff about a book I am reading on achieving personal happiness through cultivating self-reflection, blah, blah, blah.  I even uploaded the image first: some pre-Raphaelite painting of carefree, cavorting women.

But I couldn’t post it– not in light of recent events.  I just couldn’t, at least not in the form that I had written it.  It’s still a good idea to talk about self-reflection.  We really do need to take a good hard look at ourselves individually and as a society.  We might gain some insight and even some illumination (I’m going to town with all the “I” words).   However, I don’t think some folks will be happy with me when I say that if we take a look at ourselves, truly shine the light on our souls, we will have to say that we, both individually and collecting, are truly messed up people.

“Miss Pelican,” some may say, “you’re being too, too, well, harsh.”  Yes, yes, I am. I am being harsh and I am being truthful.

And a few more will say with much indignation, “Well, speak for yourself.  You may think poorly of yourself.  But I’m not so bad.  In fact, I’m a pretty wonderful person.”   To which I would answer, “Oh, really?  If you’re so great then how did you and your other wonderful friends let the world get in such a sorry state?  And why don’t you fix it?”

And finally — and this one is my favorite– some will whine, while clutching their pearls,  “All your talk is making me feel bad.  You’re attacking my self-esteem.  Stop it.”   All I can say to that is “Good, I hope you do feel bad.”

See the answer is this:  this world is screwed up because we are all screwed up.  I include myself in that sweeping statement.

And when we come to grips with this, we may actually cease to have a false impression of ourselves and learn to repent.

It is only through repentance that we are in a position to truly change and bring an end to the evil in this world.


ljg (c) 2016


Inspired by the Daily Post and  the  Letter I at the Soul Food Cafe


3 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. I am with you Lori! We ALL have a lot to answer for! At least, unlike the delusional, narcissist pearl clutchers we accept some responsibility and are prepared to reflect, weigh up and speak up! Things are a mess here too and few people accept their role in what is going on but cheerfully choose to scapegoat others.

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