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Voyages of Discovery


One of my favorite trips was to Washington, DC about thirty some years ago — it was when the Reagans were in the White House because we were in the gift shop when some guy brought Rex, their Cavelier King Charles Spaniel, through on a leash.  I was more excited about that than if I had actually met one of his owners.

As I said, I enjoyed that trip because it gave me a chance to visit the Smithsonian Institute’s Natural History Museum and the National Gallery.   I enjoy visiting museums because they afford me the opportunity to discover the big, wide world without having to deal with mosquito netting, strange food and currency exchange.   Seriously, I don’t mind interacting with Madagascar giant hissing cockroaches when they are behind an inch of glass.  I remember almost salivating over the Hope Diamond in the gem vault. (Curse?  What curse?)   At the National Gallery I saw one of Vincent Van Gogh’s iris paintings and I had the same feeling you get when you see a celebrity at the supermarket:  “Ooooh, ooooh, I know you!”

I have no desire to be a Francis Drake or a Juan Rodiguez Cabrillo since they and their colleagues opened the door to the plunder of an entire hemisphere — but maybe I want to be a Charles Darwin.  Instead of getting sea-sick on the Beagle, I am quite content to roam the hallways of a museum, hole up in a library, plunge my nose between the pages of National Geographic, or travel the wilds of the internet on my own voyages of discovery.

ljgloyd 2016

Inspired by the Letter D at the Soul Food Cafe


2 thoughts on “Voyages of Discovery

  1. I loved DC!!!
    And the Smithsonian…don’t even get me started.
    Thanks for taking me back on on this adventure.

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