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Deprived, Seriously?


penToday’s Daily Post prompt was simply the word “deprive.”

In all good conscience, I could not bring myself to discuss deprivation.  I have a roof over my head, clean water, plumbing, food, a job and a few luxury items like a car, books, and internet connection.

I am not deprived.

I try to remember all of these things everyday and be thankful for them.  Oh, I do worry about losing them.  Sometimes I even feel guilty about having them at all.  This is as wrong as not expressing gratitude.

This is not the way to enjoy life and the good things in it.

Maybe I am deprived of something more important.

I need to work on that.



5 thoughts on “Deprived, Seriously?

  1. I guess I’m happy with my lot in life too.
    A few more cupcakes would be awesome.

  2. I enjoy reading your writing. Keep doing it , my friend.

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