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It’s Greek Week!



Opa!   As part of my plan to eat in a more healthful way, I am going to devote this coming week to cooking and eating a Mediterranean diet. It’s going to be Greek Week in my kitchen.

To prepare, I bought a huge bag of good things: cauliflower, green and red peppers, cucumber, green beans, onions, lemons, figs, dried plums, apples, whole wheat orzo pasta, sprouted whole grain bread, thick creamy Greek yogurt, feta cheese, eggs, and lean chicken. I already have on hand olive oil, garbanzo beans, a variety of nuts, honey, fresh herbs, and lots of dried oregano.  Oh, and red wine. Can’t forget the wine.

Sound yummy?   You bet.

I will be cooking chicken kozanipoached chicken with onions, prunes, and  paprika– plus a hearty salad of green beans, orzo and garbanzos, and mashed cauliflower with garlic.  These three dishes, plus all the veggies, will take care of lunches and dinners all week. Breakfasts, snacks, and desserts will incorporate the eggs, bread, yogurt, nuts, and fruit.

Not a bit o’junk.  Real food, mostly plants, carbs and fat in moderation, animal protein used sparingly.  Greek Week may turn into a lifestyle.

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