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NaPoWriMo #30: Thirty Days

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Thirty Days: A Haibun

It is day 30 and I am so pleased to say that I managed to write 30 poems. You may be pleased to hear it– knowing that you will not be inflicted with another poem tomorrow. This month has past and during it I was challenged to confront difficult new forms, wrestle with rhyme schemes, pin down the right words, and to burst through that seemingly unbreachable wall of my writer’s block. Each day’s challenge was vexing and today’s no less: to write a poem in a foreign language, or make up a language and write a poem. Once again I will exercise my writer’s right to break the rules. I will not write in language of another land; I will write in a traditional form from another land: a haibun. Those of you who know my writing know I like this form: a prose poem ended by a tangential haiku. I started this month with a Japanese form– so I end it with such.

Wrinkled, tangled sheets
Mourning doves at my window
The war is over.

Ljgloyd 2016


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