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NaPoWriMo #29: I Remember

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I’m in the home stretch. Two more days and two more poems. Today’s prompt is ” to write a poem based on things you remember” with a specific focus on details.

I remember

I remember my mother shaking me awake so we could,
in hurried hushed voices, sneak off in the night like thieves.
I remember my father’s 68 Olds with its new car smell
As we sped across the desert in the darkness.
I remember having breakfast in places like Barstow
And Bakersfield and– eww– towns like Fresno.
I remember the colors of the Grand Canyon,
The herds of elk, and the bears
Peering through car windows in Yellowstone.
I remember the summer where we explored, it seemed,
every cave and cavern between Carlsbad and California.
I remember our kicks on Route 66
My family and I on our yearly road trips.

Ljgloyd. 2016



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