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NaPoWriMo #22: The Witness

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The prompt is to honor of the observance of Earth Day in a poem.     My poem is to honor the One who created the Earth:

The Witness

Some are swept away by the swell of music
as if they were struck by an ocean wave.
Some are moved by a caress of a loved one
as if a gentle breeze had touched them.
Others are split to shards like a lightning-struck tree
when they crack open the sacred word.

My being is rocked
when I see moon jellies floating in a blue abyss,
when I watch a sea lion dance
under her mirror-topped world,
when the dark presence of sycamores
and ancient oaks close over the mountain trail,
when a great bird spreads her wings and glides,
when a human is at one with the elements.

These are the Spirit’s witness to the world.

Ljgloyd (c) 2016



pelican flight






All images taken by the author


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