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NaPoWriMo #11: At the Beach



Today’s NaPoWrimo prompt is a challenging one: “to write a poem in which you closely describe an object or place, and then end with a much more abstract line that doesn’t seemingly have anything to do with that object or place, but which, of course, really does.” The challenge to the reader is to discern the connection of the twist at the end. (This post is pulling double duty as a response to the Daily Post’s prompt.)

At the Beach

Lacy white foam splays over dark wet sand.
Soaking in, it sizzles like a steak on a grill.
Golden sparkles on sapphire water, blinding to the eye.
A wad of newspaper tumbles in the breeze getting
caught up in a tangle of wilting sea kelp.
Did I remember to take the laundry out of the dryer?

LJGloyd (c) 2015, 2016



8 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo #11: At the Beach

  1. What a spectacle for the eyes! Lovely! 🙂

  2. I loved this! I almost feel like the colors you were describing (the white foam, for instance) reminded the speaker about the laundry–in a way it all makes sense nicely together.

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  4. I love the originality of the image :”sizzling like a steak on a grill”, something I see very often in real life, but have not yet had the experience of ‘seeing’ in this way and connecting it.
    I just love the ending of the poem, it is so relatable for me, I always wonder did I forget to take the laundry out 😀

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