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NaPoWrimo #5: Plant Chant

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Today’s prompt is to find inspiration from the names of vegetables in a seed catalogue.  (Hey, you take it where you can find it — or it finds you).   So I wrote this free verse with some chant elements thrown in.

Plant Chant

Five thousand years ago,
my ancestors scurried out of the forest,
throwing off their furs and spears,
to scratch through the dark, moist
top layers of their homelands,  

Five thousand years of farming,
right up to my father and grandfather,
entwined in my DNA, coursing through my blood,
you would think such knowledge
would reveal itself to me.

Do you think I can grow
Jewels of Opar or Tongues of Fire
or any such magically-named plant?
What crime did I commit to bring
to a brown and withered end
five thousand years of wisdom?

Maybe the Scarlet Globes would know.

ljgloyd (c) 2016


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