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NaPoWrimo #1: A Moon Lune

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I am not a poet. But I do write poetry from time to time as a writing exercise, a practice to discipline my thinking and flex my writing muscles. Often times, a poem turns out to be the germ of a story or the opening paragraph of an essay. Time and time again I have returned to poetry writing as a way to get me through a writing block — and, sister, have I been blocked these days. Sometimes poem writing is just therapy for my soul.

Yesterday was the first day of National Poetry Writing Month – or to be more globally inclusive, GloPoWriMo for some. The idea is that you write a poem a day for 30 days. My highly impacted schedule will not allow for that; however, I do see the need that I write something, anything, to get my writing practice moving again. So I am going to commit to writing as many poems as I can during April, be it one or be it a hundred.  We’ll see what happens.

Yesterday’s first prompt was to write a lune, otherwise known as an American haiku (5-3-5, with no other rules). Here goes:


White crescent sliver,
Ice water
harbinger of spring

Well, it’s a start.

Ljgloyd 2016


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