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A couple of days ago, at about 5 in the morning,  I made this announcement on Facebook.

Facebook is a time sucking vortex. It is addictive and therefore detrimental to one’s life.  I would much rather interact with people in real ways, by, —oh I don’t know–having a conversation? Or receiving well-crafted and substantial letters? The only communication that I dislike more than Facebook is Twitter and texting. Oh, I’ll still sign on and check for news and coupons but if you really want to communicate, write me an email with more than 150 character or give me a ring.

I got two supportive responses and a few likes, but as I suspect, most of my “friends” don’t follow me, and this post was largely unread.  I would add then that Facebook is an exercise in futility as well.

The deeper issue for me with using social media is not its cyber-crack nature or time-wasting factor.  More accurately, it is the shallowness and lack of authenticity in the interactions between people in these venues.  That statement should not take anyone by surprise.  My guess is that we all instinctively know that in most cases (though not all, I will concede) we don’t usually have true and natural relationships with people on-line.  For example, a person you might know and care deeply about in real life will sometimes come off as a real putz online.  You cannot hear tone and inflection in a 12-word tweet.  You cannot see in their eyes and discern emotion.  A post intended to mean one thing, may seem like it means something entirely else.  Feelings get hurt.  Real friendships are strained.

I would rather receive a real hug than a ((((hug)))).

So I stand by what I posted so early in the morning — maybe that is the time when my true and authentic self manifests- – I will be curtailing the time I spend in the cyber-realm to make more time to be true to others and myself.

And I actually might have time to begin writing again.



7 thoughts on “Cyber-Crack

  1. I wrote about Facebook this week too and got a very negative response. Two things are happening I think – Facebook is somehow ensuring posts critiquing it aren’t being seen by many of our followers and, even more worrying, people are so sucked in by it they get hostile when it is critiqued. I didn’t see your post and you probably didn’t see mine. We are being manipulated by Facebook I think. I wrote about it on my blog Art and Life and got such negative feedback that I closed the blog. I had been critiquing various aspects of social media recently and had received a lot of inflammatory comments . It all got too much. I have started another little blog just for my haiku and haibun and may start up a blog for my images soon but I am loathe to promote either on Facebook because certain people then go to the blog and write strange comments (not old Soul Food people – other parasites I have attracted.) Maybe I will put links to mynew blogs on the Riversleigh Facebook page sometime.
    Sending you a cyber hug. It’s getting nasty on the internet sometimes tbese days and many people are consumed by the negative energy.

    • I am so naive that it did not occur to me that these various social media platforms are manipulating our posts. I wonder if WP does it? I am a little spooked when I see advertisements appearing on my FaceBook page for products that just a short time before I had been browsing OFF of Facebook. It must be accessing our cookies… or brownies… or whatever it’s called.

      Now this kind of online dialogue I don’t mind. It is intelligent. It is engaging. It uses whole sentences and words.

      Thanks for reconnecting.

      • Yes. I agree with all of that and have had similar Facebook experiences. I have been craving online dialogue too. Lately it has been absent from much of my internet exchanges. My new blog is https://suhaiku.wordpress.com/
        It will be strictly for haiku related posts so it might not appeal to you. I am also planning on starting a new blog for images very soon that might be more your thing. I’ll let you know the link when I get it up and running.

      • I just visited your haibun/haiku blog and left you a comment (I use haibun as a writing exercise). Your WP Theme is perfect — simple but elegant, like a haiku.

      • What a timely comment. I was just agonizing as to whether I picked the right theme. Thanks so much for your support.

  2. Good for you! I rarely visit Facebook any more and don’t miss it. I can’t say I’m that much more productive creatively, but I feel mentally healthier and am doing things like reading actual books, plus websites and blogs that interest me.

    Keep at it!

    • Thanks, Joanne. I still drop in to respond to private messages and check for ads, but that’s all. One of the things that bugged me was when I would sign on and find a dozen or more notifications from the same person of things they had “liked”. There are only so many memes at one time that I can stand.

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