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Oh, I Forgot I Have Controy


No, I am not turning this into a cooking blog. This post is a reflection on my creative process.

My New Year’s resolution is declutter my home, to take inventory of my physical possessions, and to learn to live more simply. My first area of concentration is the kitchen. In doing an inventory of my pantry I came across a bottle of Controy. I am not much of a drinker so I considered just dumping it out. Then it occurred to me that I could use it in some sort of dish.

My mind started turning. I have dried cherries. Oooo. Dried cherries soaked in orange liquor. What can I do with that? Wait, I have some dinner rolls that are getting old.  Milk, vanilla, eggs, sugar, CHOCOLATE CHIPS. I have chocolate chips.

My excitement grew.  I pulled off the shelf some of my cookbooks and started flipping through them.  Bread pudding. Yep, that’s it.

So I took a standard bread pudding recipe and added to it the Controy-soused cherries, chocolate chips, orange extract, and a pinch of ground cloves.  Baked it up and served it with some French vanilla ice cream.  Wow!

So my point in sharing this is to tell you that inspiration sometimes just comes at you through the most ordinary circumstances and when the urge to create hits you, you have got to go with it.

bread pudding


2 thoughts on “Oh, I Forgot I Have Controy

  1. Very inspiring and yummy!

  2. That looks delicious! Cooking from what you have on hand is a creative act of its own.

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