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Do I really have an accent?

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The Daily Post prompt for yesterday was “Write about whatever you’d like, but write using regional slang, your dialect, or in your accent.”

So, I never used to think that Californians had accents.   I mean, I don’t hear it.  What accent?

I read the we’re supposed to sound a bit like we’re from the mid-west — sorta boring and bland (sorry, mid-westerners). We don’t have the twang of Texas or the slow drawl of the South. And, tsk, we sure don’t sound like “New eYOHRkers.” That would be, like, so weird.

I was really bummed thinking I didn’t have an accent so I thought I would check out Youtube to see if maybe there might be a video of California accents. And, guess what? There’s plenty of samples out there.  Here are a couple:

Now in this first sample, I totally disagree with how she pronounces “herb” and “jacquar”.   It’s “erb” in California, not “h-erb”. And it sure isn’t “Jag-wire”. It’s “jagwahr”. But, the girl herself is SO totally California that I had to share the clip. She isn’t faking it.

This next one is kinda fun, but the speaker’s southern accent about sent me into a sugar coma– at least the parts I could understand.  The clip does serve to show the differences in regional dialects including West Coast Californian.

Okay, you guys. So I do have an accent.  I mean there has to be a reason why Siri says she doesn’t understand what I’m saying.  Maybe someday she’ll get reprogrammed to understand Californians.  That would be so totally awesome.


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