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Waiting for My Mojo to Come Back


I haven’t posted anything here for about three weeks.  In fact, I haven’t done any creative writing for even longer.     I have a half-written story just hanging there waiting for a conclusion.  It will never be finished at this point, I fear.

I tried doing some written journaling to see if I could get my writing mojo back.  That has dwindled.   My fear is that my creative self has become like a cold bowl of soup — no steam and a bland savor.

I tried some arting and photography.  That’s not working either.    I even tried one of those self-help art books that offer suggestions like drawing your dirty beach towel draped over a chair or painting a picture of your sleeping cat.

Nothing inspires me anymore.

However, lately I have been almost obsessed with physical journals and planners.  I put together a new day planner which I will junk in a few weeks to set up another one for 2016.  Besides that,  I have been spending huge amounts of time disassembling a four-year journal and commonplace book I just finished and redacting it into thematic sections and adding visual elements.

What is that all about?

I think I have an idea.  Perhaps focusing on placing creative elements into a book form is a way of containing and controlling expressions that I may fear to let out to the world with the hope that these elements will morph into something I can let go to the world.    Perhaps it is the physicality of the paper and the ink and the act of coloring, cutting, and gluing that make the act of creation a more real thing to me than just sitting at a computer monitor dealing with the ethereality of bytes and pixels.

Maybe I just need to walk away from it all for a while.  Or maybe I need to plunge into it more to thoroughly explore the explosive elements that think they need to be contained in a hard cover book.

When I get my creative mojo back, I’ll let you know.

A page from the current art journal

A page from the current art journal


An Odd Trio

7 thoughts on “Waiting for My Mojo to Come Back

  1. This is wonderfully creative. I am working in my journals a lot too at present – there is something about being able to hold the work in my hand and add layers anytime that is helping my creative process. Your journal lookslike a vital and creative place where the new can emerge. I say, keep going!

  2. Lovely to see your work Lori! Lots of memories flooding back! Hope all is well in your mood. Hugs Heather

    • Heather, I was just thinking about you a few days ago. I hope all is well. Can you believe that this coming April it will be 10 years since I discovered SFC? I cannot fathom how may words, how many blog posts I’ve made since then. Have a wonderful holiday season. Lori

      • Ten years Lori? Where have all those years gone? I have decided that reincarnation happens in our own lifetimes. So many lives in one lifetime :-). I am well and happy living in rural Victoria. Hope you are well too and that you have a wonderful holiday season. love Heather

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