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My Curriculum for a New School

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pencilToday’s Daily Post’s prompt “You get to redesign school as we know it from the ground up. Will you do away with reading, writing, and arithmetic? What skills and knowledge will your school focus on imparting to young minds?”

The curriculum I would create would not include courses that I actually hated when I was in school.

-I hated math. No math unless the student tested high in this area or has a love of Sudoku.
-I hated physical education because I had to deal with gang members who bullied and intimidated other students in group sports.  Physical Education should involve the use of a personal trainer and a security team. Students should have the option of selecting a solitary sport like a martial art or swimming.

What did I like in school:

-I loved learning German,  but I came at it in high school which is way too late so it did not “stick”.   Foreign language should be a requirement, but students should be counseled not to take languages like German, Bantu, Algonguin, or any other languages not useful in their geographic area.    Spanish, Mandarin or Valley-Speak would have been more useful for me.

Other courses I would include
-Writing….. lots and lots of writing, both scholarly and creative, on any subject of interest.
-Biology where students don’t have to work with lab partners who do no work but still get credit.
-Astronomy ala Neil DeGrasse Tyson with an emphasis on Martian Studies
-History when one could study cultural implications and trends rather than the lives of stuffy old dead guys.
-Literature, graphic novels excluded.
-Mythology, for an excuse to watch old Xena and Hercules episodes.

Elective courses:
-Group Dynamics, Sensitivity Training and Conflict Resolution (in light of the previous statement regarding bullying in phys ed)
-Ethics, with a focus on Judeo-Christian values.
-Environmental Studies, with an emphasis on undoing the ways we have jacked up the planet.
-Herbal Medicine

Oh, and Drumming to fulfill a music requirement.


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