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Dear Lucky Star

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image Today’s prompt:  “Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post.  What are your three wishes and why?”


Dear Lucky Star:

Thanks for nothing.

Do you realize how complicated you are making my life by giving me three wishes?  Do you know how anxious I am now to not screw this up?  I would be like the guy in the TV ad who wished for a million bucks and ended up with a million male deers roaming around his front yard.  I guess I should be asking you to grant me wisdom before I wish for anything else.  But if I had wisdom, then I would not need magic wishes. I would have the knowledge and prudence to know how to make my own wishes come true. OK.  Wisdom — I guess that would be my first wish.

But I still have a problem, Lucky Star.  You have made me feel selfish and miserly.  Most people in my place would be wishing for stuff for themselves:  houses, fancy cars, good health, the Prince (or Princess) Charming who isn’t going to turn into a gila monster– those sorts of things.  Now you’ve made me consider the sorry state of the world and how we “normal” people should be wishing for ways to make it better for others less fortunate than ourselves.  Now that you’ve made me feel so bad about it, I guess I’m forced to make my second wish:   that you make me generous and altruistic.

So that leaves me with one last wish to worry about.  I could sit for a long time pondering this.  Do I want wealth? No, I would just worry about losing it all.  Health?  I know what to do to be healthy. I just have to do it.  Love?  I’ve got it all around me.  I just got to give some to get some.

I guess that means I must be pretty content with what I have.  I just need to learn to say thank you more often.   Gratitude.  That’s it. That’s my third wish:  to have a more grateful spirit.

OK, Lucky Star. I get the point. Sorry about flying off the handle at first. I guess you know what you’re doing.

Thanks for the reality check.

Yours truly,

Miss Pelican


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