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Reality Bites: Longer Strides


shoesIt has been a little less than three weeks since I realized that reality bites and if I did not do something to improve my wellness, I would be heading for a less-than-optimal life — if indeed a life at all.

So a status report:

Juicing continues, though I am not keen on kale and other leafy greens.  (Kale juice smells like lawn clippings….)

I find that I cannot exclusively stick to the vegan thing.  Not enough umami.   However, with the help of an egg or two during the week and a tiny bit of cheese, I have been doing better than expected with a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet.  (Okay, I did have some lox with a bagel a couple of mornings ago).

I think the biggest improvement is getting out every day for the last week to walk (with a bit of jogging).  I started short-range but am reaching further each time I go out.  This morning I did a bit over 2 miles in 35 minutes.  The challenge will be to continue this routine during the work week now that I have returned from Spring break.

Also, I have been struggling with people who have said things intended to deflate or minimize my endeavor.  So unfortunately I have needed to stop sharing with them my progress.  I need to do whatever is necessary to keep focused.

My commitment to a more healthful life-style has also brought about a re-commitment to other things in my life — a return to daily writing practice and a deepening of my personal spirituality — to name a couple.   The brain-fog is lifting and clarity of thinking is starting to return.

So I will continue this stride for a while.  I should probably start taking herbal supplements too but I’m not quite ready for that yet.

My thanks to all who have been providing encouraging words and practical advice.   🙂




2 thoughts on “Reality Bites: Longer Strides

  1. Cool, Lori, and good for you.

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