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Reality Bites: Baby Steps


veggiesReality has finally gotten so up in my face that I cannot ignore it anymore.  The reality is that I am at an age where I am beginning to see my friends and family members suffer from all sorts of debilitating and life-threatening conditions.  The cold hard truth is that I may be joining them if I don’t get my own chronic health issues under control.

So I am starting a radical (and I do mean that) lifestyle shift.  Another bit of reality is that I know myself and if I don’t do this right, I will fail.   I have to do this slowly, one step at a time.  One baby step at a time.

My first step has been to gather information on what I want to do:  eat a plant-based diet, no junk, more water, juicing, and supplements.   Coming later will be detoxing and other quality of living goals (What do you mean ‘no television’?!  And “you are NOT telling me I can’t drink COFFEE!”)

With the guidance of wise friends and a lot of research, I’ve moved to the second step.  I cleaned out my refrigerator yesterday to get rid of the junk.  I did make some perplexing observations.  For example, I have no idea how I came to have three open jars of peanut butter.  And when did I buy sun-dried tomatoes? (At least I think they’re sun-dried tomatoes).  Hoisin sauce?  When did I ever use hoisin sauce on anything?

Out went the squeeze bottle of chocolate sauce, several bottles of foreign-made condiments from the 99 cent store, an open package of stale pita bread, and oh, how I cried over the jar of neon-red maraschino cherries.  No, this was not a pretty scene.

As you can see, I have replaced all the junk with healthy things.   I did try to “juice” some of these veggies in my blender.  That didn’t work so well.  I ended up with a 20 ounce glass of green pulp that could hold a spoon upright.   Next step:  buy a juicer.  Before that:  clean off the top of my kitchen counter to make room for the juicer.  (I am a terrible clutterer which is also a lifestyle choice that needs to be put to death.)

I am on my way folks.  Stay tuned for more.

ljg (c) 2015


4 thoughts on “Reality Bites: Baby Steps

  1. Good for you, Lori. I know – this getting older thing bites, doesn’t it? And then that business where we realize we are mortal and subject to reaping the results of crappy diets (and yeah, mine is not tops, either) really is no fun.

  2. I’m moving more fruits and Veggies. Not so much for the health reasons. I just can’t stand to think about what an animal goes through to end up on my plate. The idea is really making a lot of poultry and beef …well, ugh.

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