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Euboulos (“Wise Counsel” — Lori’s Rules to Live By)

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I wrote this fifteen years ago. These rules still hold true for me today.

Euboulos (“Wise Counsel” — Lori’s Rules to Live By)

Gaze at the night sky
and catch your breath,
buy breakfast for the woman
who sleeps under the pier.

Eat prunes.

Never let your mind
deceive your heart,
believe in what you cannot see
but never believe your demons.

Stand firm.

Read in the bathtub (use water),
never bungee jump if you can help it,
break open a sand dollar
and set the angels free.

Belly dance.

Walk daily,
pray daily
especially when you cannot walk.

Be grateful,
be gracious,
never betray a friend.

Make your passion an act of worship.

Enjoy theatre,
gentle coffee,

Allow nothing in your body
that doesn’t belong there,
own a red car
at least once in your life.

Write a poem about a cat,
kiss a dog on the head
laugh often, breathe deeply,
and sing with all your heart.

Lori Gloyd (c) 2000, 2015

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