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Who Am I?


pelican perched 2 smallTo be a writer, I believe, one must be able to write about herself, even if that self is wrapped deep within the plot of a short story, the verses of a poem, or the complex arguments of an essay.

That has not always been easy for me to do — to show too much of myself. Even the name of this blog, Miss Pelican’s Perch, and the way I sign my posts so that my name is harder to google, are aimed to keep me somewhat anonymous.  I have always felt that being anonymous would provide me with a certain freedom to write what I wanted without worrying about coworkers, friends, or family being shocked by any of my interests.   A couple of years ago, I wrote about how hurt I was, when a friend criticized me for sharing too much of my interests. (You can read about it here.)

But I have discovered that this living behind a veil is not providing me with freedom.  On the contrary, not threading my various interests into my creative works is a sort of prison.   There is so much in this world that is wondrous and amazing and I want to share it with anyone of like-mind.

That being said, this blog, which was originally intended as a form of self-exploration of my creative process, is going to continue to expand into other areas that interest me. (It actually has changed already in this regard). I will still be Miss Pelican and sign my name in my quirky way, not because I’m so much afraid anymore that coworkers and friends will discover and disapprove of my interests, but because I am angry at the narrow-mindedness of some of them and they just don’t deserve to share in all that I find fascinating and glorious in this world.  These I will share with people who “get it.”  I hope you are one of them.

If you ever looked at my About page, you may have noticed that it was brief and vague. That has changed. Take a look if you are interested here.



2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Glad you’re stepping out. I think it’s natural in the process of blogging. When i started last year it was to post only published fiction and book reviews. I learned, however, that i got a lot more views when I wrote about more personal things. And I doubt anyone is keeping a blog just for themselves to look at: bloggers want page views. Go with what attracts readers!

  2. I can totally relate in trying to be anonymous, which can be a good thing, but it can hinder you as well, partly due to fear for the very reasons you stated in your post.

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