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A Set Goal


I have started working through some of the exercises in the book Writer With a Day Job by Aine Greany.

The first section of the book deals with setting goals and priorities. I have worked several days on these exercises and have become comfortable enough with my efforts to state my goal. So here goes–ahem–

My goal is to create a volume of powerful short tales written with clarity, simplicity and descriptive vigor.

Okay… Done… It is a bit frightening to put one’s goals out there.  Now I have to be accountable to anyone reading this to accomplish that goal.

Maybe some of you are challenged to set your own goals and we can walk this road together. Just a suggestion.

3 thoughts on “A Set Goal

  1. Sounds like a great exercise!

  2. I should do this–or something like it.

  3. That’s a well stated goal! I seem to be suffering from goalphobia.

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