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On Resistance


I was about to make a somewhat detailed post about my problem with resistance to writing.  Then I realized that this was just another form, albeit a subtle one, of resistance.

The only–ONLY– way to overcome writing resistance is to WRITE.

So that is what I am going to do now. (I am working on a story).   But before I go — yes, I am resisting again — before I go, I challenge you to stop reading this, shut your browser, open your word processing program (or pick up you pen, brush, camera, knitting needles, or table-saw) and start working.




2 thoughts on “On Resistance

  1. Writing can take many forms. Blogging is still writing. I’ve been beating myself up for not painting then yesterday I realised I am being creative all the time – constant blogging, photography and making visual journals. I think we can get lost in the idea that our creativity has to conform to some framework set by others. In the end though, true creativity is about following your passions.

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