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Words on Fire

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Maya Angelou has passed.  No writer–of poetry or other– has had such a profound influence on me the way Ms. Angelou has.   The reason for this is that I had the opportunity to hear her recite her poem, Still I Rise, at a book festival a few years ago. Never, never, have any words, read or heard, moved me to tears the way hers did that day.  That is what a writer should do to her readers:  move them.   Her words were on fire, and she lit a fire in me.

I found a recitation of that poem (somewhat modified for an occasion) here, starting at 5 minutes, 23 seconds:

And you can read the poem here.


One thought on “Words on Fire

  1. Amazing woman and power with words. May she rest well after such a life. Great you got to hear her!

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