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From My Journal: Festival of Books


Festival of Books signToday I made my annual trek to the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.   I sat in on some panels comprised of writers of young adult paranormal and fantasy novels.   Here are some notes I jotted in my journal.

  • Magic realism is not a genre you want to write if you want to be considered a ‘serious’ writer, but write it anyway.
  • Ghost stories allow us to explore dark moral areas.
  • Find new ways in your writing to investigate traditional themes.
  • Use small pockets of time to write and always be writing in your head.
  • Use noise canceling headphones while writing.
  • Walk each day.
  • Read your work out loud and listen to the rhythm and sound of the words.
  • Write a one-page synopsis of your plot just to get you thinking about where you want the story to go. Then write a twenty-page synopsis with each paragraph possibly becoming a chapter. Be aware, though, that you may start in one direction but your characters may take over the story. You cannot force your characters to take the story in a direction that is not true to their nature.

I did not buy a single book at the Festival, but came away with priceless ideas.




2 thoughts on “From My Journal: Festival of Books

  1. Really good take aways, Lori! Bet you enjoyed it all! Sounds fantastic.

  2. I’m jealous! Looks like like you took a lot away from this.

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