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Freedom Days


This morning I was trying to remember why I used to paint and why I don’t anymore. I think it has to do with the fact that when I was painting, I had the time to do so, had the room to do so, and had not yet taken on the burdens that life throws at all of us. In other words, I was still a child, or at least a child at heart, when I used to paint.

Now I live somewhere where there is no room or ventilation to paint. I don’t have blocks of time to get into the process of painting. And I just have too many adult concerns to have the freedom of spirit to paint.

I found some of my paintings I did in those freedom days many decades ago. Here are a few of them. These were all done in my late teens and very early twenties:

horse painting late teens

sunset painting late teens 2

sunset painting late teens 1

siamese cat

ljgloyd (c) 2013


2 thoughts on “Freedom Days

  1. These are really lovely Lori. I do hope you will have some more freedom days and the space to create like this again.

  2. the cat is beautiful. It’s such a shame when adult concerns take over our daily live and leave us little time and space for soulful creation. I hope you can find some space and time for yourself this year.

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