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Being Struck by a Moment of Clarity

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The Daily Post prompts us to write about  “clarity” and how it enabled us to solve a problem.  The other prompt was to depict in a photo the notion of “being awestruck”.   I did not have a moment of intellectual clarity where I worked out a problem,  but I did have an odd experience this week having to do with literal clarity and being struck by a visual sensation (maybe not “awestruck” but definitely unusual and intense).

I went out of town a few days ago.  It has been quite a long time since I have been on such a road trip.   As we were driving up the coast,  I began to notice the colors of the hills, sky and sea.  The more I looked,  the more the colors seemed to become clearer and intensify.  Furthermore, the play of light and shadow on the land and sea seemed to be actually shimmering and vibrating.   Everything seemed to be surrounded by a luminescence.   I had never experienced anything like this.

This effect may simply have been some optical illusion brought on by unusually warm and dry weather.  I think most likely that I have been trapped for so long in a concrete-colored urban setting that my mind started dancing when it met the long absent colors of nature: blue-violet, azure, brilliant green, and shades of umber and tan.   The optical center of my brain overloaded.

The lesson I learned is that I need to get out of town more often.    🙂

Here are some of the colors that reacquainted themselves to me:

malibu coast small

sommers house 1 small

hills small

tree on hill small

camarillo valley small

ljgloyd (c) 2013

One thought on “Being Struck by a Moment of Clarity

  1. One of the joys of living in a regional town here in Victoria is the proximity to nature.These days I try to get ouut into nature as often as possible. I do love the landscapes you show here.

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