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A Trip on the Wild Side


I love my local natural history museum, and I visited yesterday to see some of its newly remodeled areas.  I overheard a docent say that natural history museums are an intersection of nature and culture.  I can’t argue with that, but the main reason I go is because they are kick-butt cool.

Here are some of the images I captured…er, rather, that captured me.   I may use one or two as a story prompt.

Blue Glass ButterflyjpgGlass Butterfly (slightly manipulated)

whaleAn ancient whale greets the patrons.

golden bearCalifornia Grizzly (extinct)

ratsCommon brown rats in the mother of all Habitrails

weird plantSome weird plant growing on a stone wall (not manipulated)

tommy t rexTommy the T-Rex

ljg (c) 2013

4 thoughts on “A Trip on the Wild Side

  1. Amazing diversity, Lori, I don’t think we have a place quite like this, and no wonder you find it fascinating, and easy to see how stories would flow from going there!

  2. Love visiting museums – our last visit was to the Queensland Museum in South Bank, Brisbane, which is so much fun because it has hands on experiments to play with.

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