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Living Water


water plants with wall 2 small

It might be my Celtic blood, or maybe because someone told me that a great grandfather was a dowser, or maybe it is the fact that I live in a glass and concrete-encased urban setting on the edge of a vast desert. Whatever the reason, water is often on my mind, especially fresh, sweet, flowing water.  I know it seems like that is an odd interest, but think about it for a moment:  water flowing through rock — that’s just strange and deserves some consideration.

In the parched land that I call home, I recently discovered that there is a natural spring less than five miles from the house where I grew up.  The spring was used for hundreds of years by the local indigenous population and today it is a gathering place for the descendents of those people to celebrate their culture and heritage.   The spring is located on the campus of a high school and it is only open for a few hours one day a month.    Today was one of those days, and I went there this morning to take photographs.

I became transfixed watching the water bubbling up from the ground.  If I had not been there with a companion, I might have stood there for a good long while.   There really did seem like a different energy surrounding the spring — a tiny, fragile enclave of abounding life surrounded by a concrete desert.

In the book Water from an Ancient Well: Celtic Spirituality for Modern Life, the author Kenneth McIntosh writes:    “The ancient Celts felt a sense of longing–almost homesickness — for the spiritual realm, and they often expressed that yearning in terms of thirst.  They regarded wells, lakes and rivers as ‘thin places,’ gateways to other realms where they experienced magical healing”   Loc. 115.  Similarly, the Jewish and Christian scriptures are filled with references to living waters welling up from within to quench our spiritual thirst.

I wanted to capture the spirit of this special place through my photographs.  I have assembled some of the stills and video clips.

Oh, not to get even more woo-woo airy fairy on the subject,  but take a look at the strange light anomaly (pink columns of light) between 1:20 and 1:25 on the video.   I don’t remember seeing this when I shot the clip and it does not appear in any other still or clip.   Maybe a spring is truly a place where the veil is thin……

ljg 2013


4 thoughts on “Living Water

  1. What a wonderful place. I agree with you, there does seem to be some kind of energy field there that comes across in the video. That pink light is truly beautiful.

  2. I really enjoyed this, Lori. Thank you. I am the same about water – yesterday we visited South Bank in Brisbane which is on the bank of the Brisbane river. I love to nearf the ocean or any big water – happily where we live now, the Bremer river is close by (sometimes TOO close when it floods). That spring looks magical and those columns of light are certainly intriguing.

  3. What an enchanting place, Lori! I know about that yearning for spirit and water has always been the answer to me.

  4. Being Welsh by birth I remember well visiting the many Sacred Wells of Wales. Most are no longer marked but one can often find them in overgrown and lesser used areas. A fence here, a stile there, and a short walk will almost always allow one to stumble on a well hidden well. I love your video. Thanks for sharing.


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